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“Winters Ocean” Antiqued Copper

“Winters Ocean” Antiqued Copper

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“Winters Ocean” 

Double Bailed Pendant (can be worn multiple directions) Hand wrapped in Antiqued Copper and made with Love! Featuring Moldavite, Red Tourmaline, and 3 Faceted stones: Yellow Citrine, Orange Hessonite Garnet, and Pink Rhodalite Garnet. 

I named this “Winters Ocean” because before I made it I was drowning in the ocean of winter, the lack of sunlight, contact with friends, and family all had me quite down. However after seeing my family and my friends during Christmas I found a renewed love for winter as it is a time when you take time to appreciate those you love. So with love I made this piece and named it so to embody my journey through winters ocean thus far. 

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