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“Fantasia” Pendant - Sterling Silver/Copper

“Fantasia” Pendant - Sterling Silver/Copper

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“Fantasia” (Name Explained Below)

Double sided, double bailed, wearable in 8 different ways.
Hand wrapped in Sterling Silver & Antiqued Copper Featuring : 2 Almadine Garnet - 2 Hessonite Garnet - 2 Citrine - 2 Peridot - 2 Swiss Topaz - 1 Amethyst - 1 Rhodalite Garnet

The names Etymology - probably borrowed from Italian, “imagination as a faculty, rare phenomenon, exotic object, refined ornament, improvised musical variation,” borrowed from Late Latin phantasia “imagination as a faculty, mental image of something perceived physically”

The reason for this name is 2 fold:

1st it came straight from my imagination, I have 24 hours into this piece of which just under half was spent imagining all the ways I could bend the wire before it found its final form.

2nd When one uses your imagination you can see a multitude of various animals and objects take shape. For example if you watch this video you will notice I turn it in several different directions.
When turned sideways you can see a snail on the front, then on its flat side, a motorcycle. On it’s backside laid sideways either a Narwal with a horn to the left or an Elephant with tusks to the right. Lastly a genie’s bottle on either side when flipped upside down. Who else knows what other patterns one might imagine when looking upon Fantasia! 🥰☀️🤓

I made this piece out of one solid bar of wires and 1 coil so it in incredibly lightweight despite it’s size, to those whome it may concern.

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