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“Seraphim” Double Bailed Larimar Pendant/ Sterling Silver and Copper

“Seraphim” Double Bailed Larimar Pendant/ Sterling Silver and Copper

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“Seraphim” Double Bailed Larimar Pednant

Pendant Hand wrapped in Sterling Silver, Copper, and  made with Love!!!


1 x Larimar

1 x Red Spinel (Burma)

1 x Amethyst

2 x Almadine Garnet

2 x Hessonite Garnet

2 x Swiss Topaz

2 x Peridot

2 x Citrine

3 x Rhodalite Garnet


Named “Seraphim” after the Biblical angels which are super-natural beings who were created by God to serve and worship. These six-winged angelic creatures continually attend God at His throne. Each set of the seraphim’s wings serves a different purpose; one set covers the face, denoting reverence and awe and acts as protection from the radiance of God’s glory—another set of wings is used for flying, to aid in their swift servitude—and the third set is used to cover the seraphim’s feet so that they can humbly conceal their unworthiness, while in God’s holy presence


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